Wednesday, October 8, 2008


Shablorp, cappers. Many of you who have visited the site within the last week have noticed that Jazz has added an interesting feature to HCC. They're Spotlight Caps. What they do is give your gallery page an extra pop. Next to your name and graphic, a spotlight cap will be featured. This is a cap of your choosing, perhaps one you didn't think got enough attention. It sort of throws it back onto the frontline. Another reason for them is it gives people just familiarizing themselves a taste of what your humor is like.

Here's what you do. At the top of the gallery page is a link to go to your Ultimate Archive. From there on, just follow the instructions. You can choose a cap from your entire history at HCC and sometimes, stuff from way back in the Caption This! days. Me, I had trouble deciding and given my personality, it will probably change. Oh yeah, that's the other good thing - if you sour towards the cap you've chosen or if you find one you like more, you can always replace them any time you want.

If you want to see what people have already put down as their spotlight cap, there's a gallery page for them too.

Also, you may notice it being Halloween, people are using new scary fonts. Also, Jazz has put up the schedules through All Hallow's Eve and that means, it's time to dress for the masquerade ball and let people guess who you are. You have until November 1st before those particular festivities.

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