Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Okay, so I need to update this more often. Hey, kill me. Anyway, here is the latest from our fellow cappers.

First up, be sure to check out the just announced CapFest 2009. Next year - Vegas, baby! Just think of all the sex and alcohol-based humor that could spew forth well into 2010.

Also, you may be interested to know that UnReality never sleeps. I actually meant to print this up in the last update, but left it out for some strange reason. Sorry about that. What is it? It's the new issue of his zine, Kaleidotrope. So, go on and order yourself a copy. Not only will you be able to read a great zine, but you may contribute to paying Un's power bill so he can keep capping. Issue #5 is out now, and its only $4 U.S., which is less than half of what I spent on that issue of Mojo with that god-awful CD of White Album covers.

Oh, he also has his Capper Blog going full swing, in case you need a daily dose of Un. Also, go to Occasional Fish to find out what is going on every single minute of Un's life. Hey, it's more entertaining than mine.

As always, there is a new and frankly surreal pic up at Amon's Will Cap for Food.

InsideOutMan has been very busy with his new blog, Levitude. He has new blogs up every few days and they're great.

Nyssa23 has an ongoing thing at Live Journal. You can keep up with everything going on with her at Nyssa23's Garden of Earthly Delights. Hey Nyssa, we're all pulling for you with the job thing and at least one other blogmeister, the one who is writing this right now, is in the same boat on the opposite coast.

Reynard added some of his Danger Mouse sketches over at Of course, Danger Mouse never looked that badass when I was watching...

As always, I can count on Generik for having the courage to stand up and offer some awesome commentary on everything that's going on in the crazy political arena at The Generik Brand.

Again, if I haven't added your link yet, I either am lazy or I need a capper handle to associate with the website. So, e-mail me again. And if you haven't submitted your link, why not?


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