Friday, September 19, 2008


Ah, this is good to see. Been here less than a week and already not only to I have a site to report on, but a brand spankin' new site from one of our great cappers. The man is InsideOutMan (who were guessing didn't get that name because he looks like Slim Goodbody).

IOMan just started his own blog and hopefully won't mind my enthusiastic pimping of it. It's called Levitude, a fine name I must say and probably one that contains more meaning than the susudio-esque "shablorp." He's got his first post up, and it's a fun brief read about a talented actor and a damn good show.

And to anyone else out there - I STILL WANT YOUR LINKS! It can be fancy or bare bones, it can be clean or trashy (though I lean towards trashy, just because, you know - WHOO!) and it can be something that exists for capping or completely outside that realm.

So, just leave a comment here on the site or e-mail me at and I'll be happy to link to it here and keep people informed on its progress.

See you on the capping boards.




InsideOutMan said...

Thanks for the gracious write-up, Travis. Blogging has been fun thus far (2 days in). When does it start making me piles of money?

Fred said...

Okay, then. My links:

My weblog -- where eventually I'm bound to say something sorta interesting!

My zine -- issue #5 just came out!

Capper Blog -- a new image to make fun of every day!

and although it hasn't been updated in a while:

Lolchak the Night Stalker -- combining two great tastes, Lolcats and Darren McGavin!

that-cat-guy said...

here's my place:

yer pal, chopra