Tuesday, September 23, 2008


First of all, thanks for all the submissions from my fellow cappers in helping make Shablorp as comprehensive as possible. If you have more links, I still want 'em.

As for now, let's see what's happening in and out the World of Cap.

If you head over to Porpoise Project, you'll see some pics from the L.A. CapFest and some funky postcards as only cappers can make them.

A kid's got a big haul and a tricky situation for when he eventually goes downhill the newest image from Will Cap for Food.

Blame it on a rush of blood to the head with the newest of the many images at the Capper Blog.

The wonderfully prolific UnReality keeps you up to date on everything going on at Occasional Fish.

Cuttin' and scratchin' are aspects of E_B_A's game and most of the media section is up at Shapeless Mass.

Read the latest stories or make some up yourself at Wasting Precious Time.

InsideOutMan ruminates on both YouTube spoof videos and Dungeons and Dragons at Levitude.

Generik is back from his vacation and he's voting Republican. In other news, Hell has frozen over and Sarah Palin has been inducted into MENSA. Find out what's really going on at The Generik Brand.

A few weeks ago, I posted a not-terribly-comprehensive article about Turbulence 3: Heavy Metal at my other blog, Adventure Without Shame.

As far as new sites added to Shablorp that weren't covered here, we also have a page where you can check out some nifty art by our very own Zoogicub. Check out NeoSquirrel.com

And of course at Hipsoda, you can check out last Saturday's capping session. Or you can just skip around and see the recent favorites. Don't forget, there's scheduled capping on Fridays now too, so you can screw your entire weekend.


neosquirrel said...

Who the hell is "ZoogiCLUB"?

It's all about the northsiders winning it all this year, baby. CUB. CUB.

Scott W. Davis said...

Could have sworn the Zoogiclub was just a reference to that 80s cartoon with the moose with the sweater in the lead.

But seriously, folks. My bad. Will be corrected immediately.