Thursday, November 13, 2008


Keeping you up to date on everything that is going on in the World of Cap, here are the latest updates from around the nets.

First, we will welcome our newest members to the Shablorp family. First up, Discoboy sent me this stuff forever ago but I neglected to put it up. That was my bad. Fortunately, he has given us three sites to keep up with. Being a rabid film geek, especially of cult-ish items, I'm happy to report on the Desuko Movie Spot. Recently, he's done reviews of SURF PARTY, THE BODY SNATCHER, SLACKER UPRISING, Browning's DRACULA, THE UNDYING MONSTER and Spike Lee's SUMMER OF SAM. But DBoy doesn't just sit and watch movies all the time, he watches internet videos as well. If you head over to DesukoTube, you can see the latest batch he's grabbed. As I write this, he's in the middle of New Music Week so it might be a good idea for me to head over there and listen to something released after 1998. If you want to get to know the boy behind the disco, then you can head over to Eric's House, Discoboy's personal blog.

Hard to believe we didn't have Agent Moldy's site up, but we do now. Even more amazing, she's finally updated the damn thing. So by all means, head over to Agent Moldy's Hunk 'o Cheese to see the new caps and stuff.

CrabOfDoom will tell you of the joys of finding small treasures at deviantART. As always, there's always some cool art there too.

While I have sometimes missed the updates for Sharblorp, InsideOutMan has been a busy little monster at his new blog, Levitude. In the latest post, he shows the fun that can be had with local news puff pieces.

Seriously, there are few personal blogs as fascinating to me as Nyssa23's Garden of Earthly Delights. Really.

Reynard did a capper update to Check it out, laugh a little, get some face time with the cappers. And not because he's one of the only cappers who really appreciated by "Mr. T as classical cellist" cap.

Seltaeb has a few more videos on his YouTube channel.

Generik has been unable to wipe the shit-eating grin off his face since the election (or was that me?). But just like myself, he's pissed off about the continuing abolishing of civil rights thanks to all this Proposition 8 bullshit. On a personal note, we had an anti-gay marriage bill in Florida that passed despite there already being another ammendment that passed just a few years before. It's really disgusting the lengths some people will go to in order to deprive one another of happiness all for some false sense of morality and self-righteousness. Anyway, you can check out the fine things Gen has to say at The Generik Brand.

You can check out the things that strike UnReality strange at Occasional Fish. Also, why haven't you pre-ordered a copy of Kaleidotrope yet?

And of course, there are the often updated sites like Will Cap for Food, Inventing Situations, the Cappers Blog, Wasting Precious Time and my Myspace page. You haven't joined that one yet? Fine, be an ungrateful bastard.

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Fred said...

Kaleidotrope, but hey, easy mistake.

Issue #5 is available now -- 76 pages of sci-fi/fantasy (mostly) goodness, and the next two issues are in the works. Submissions, too, are always welcome.

Nyssa23 said...

Oh, Travis, thanks for the sweet review of my blog! I'm so flattered that you've been reading! Please, feel free to leave comments; I do have anonymous commenting enabled.

And just a reminder...if you had an LJ, you could see my friendslocked posts, including picture & voice posts! ^_~