Wednesday, December 10, 2008

HCC MOVES TO NEW DIGS.... Site May Experience a Few Hiccups... Mass Suicides Inevitable

Oh, that wacky unexpected internet. Here, I had a brilliant, funny and (typical for me) very late piece all worked up over Jazz's brand new You Pick the Grabs feature at HCC. And what happens? Like Keyser Soze - poof, it's gone and taking do-nothing roles just to pickup a paycheck. Well, maybe not that second part.

Actually, there shouldn't be too much interruption. But just in case there is, Jazz has dropped in a note to say there may be a few "blips" over the next few days. Also as mentioned, some features, including the new You Pick the Grabs section have been temporarily disabled so no one's input is lost in the move. Everything will be back up and running in a few days' time.

To help cappers through this time of crisis, I have attached a picture of a scantly-clad, morbidly obese nightmare clown. You're welcome.

So much for sleep, huh kids?


Fred said...

You know, when weighed against that picture of a scantly-clad, morbidly obese nightmare clown, a little HCC downtime doesn't seem so bad. Thanks!

InsideOutMan said...

Must. Kill. Michael Mendelson.